The Library Print by Victoria Brook

The Library Print by Victoria Brook

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“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

— Jorge Luis Borges.The library is a stunning print by Victoria Brook. This image celebrates the splendour of books both for their contained secrets and their aesthetic beauty; layered and ordered, sprawling and leaning on the towering shelves of the library. The image is partly inspired by the M.R James tale, ‘The Tractate Middoth’, a short Victorian ghost story about the last will and testament of an eccentric rich gentleman, hidden from a greedy benefactor in an unknown book and placed in a vast library. Something else awaits the unworthy finder of the will however and he eventually inherits a very different fate.

With a life-long passion for books, the artist replicates the textures and shadows of ‘The Library’ by collaging the books and the ladder rungs in the original painting. The overall effect is aimed at displaying the physicality of the scene, the precarious weight and dusty silence- the lamplight catching the glint of gilded covers. The hunger of the search combined with the danger of what waits in the shadows. This image is hugely popular with anyone who has a love for the magnificent architecture and traditional reverence of libraries with just a hint of Victorian macabre.

The ladder creaks and sways as you climb up through dusty shelves, past loved and long forgotten ideas. Search for your own story in ‘The Library’.

Image size:420x294mm

All Victoria Brook prints are limited editions of 150. They are printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper which is a 310 gsm heavyweight etching board. It has a smooth, fine texture and most closely resembles the original painting’s watercolour paper.