The Bear and the Boy Print by Victoria Brook

The Bear and the Boy Print by Victoria Brook

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The Bear and the Boy is a limited edition print by Victoria Brook. Inspired by a life-long friendship with her own bear, artist Victoria Brook paints this touching portrait of two companions journeying across a snowy landscape together. This wintery scene shows them plotting a new direction; the great white bear raising his head skyward to consult the constellations, illuminating a map in the stars, and guiding them onwards. The little boy in his striped pyjamas is cradled in the large arm of his protector. This simple image of a bear and a boy is filled with emotion. Comforting and compassionate, The Bear and The Boy is a lovely reminder that even when we are off course, there is always someone to show us the way home.

Constellations prickle the night sky, glittering and spreading like frost on a frozen expanse of glass. The bitter wind ruffles the winter coat of the great bear as he breathes in the scent of their surroundings. He bends down to the small boy, tucking him safely into crook of his arm as they disappear into the vastness. Neither is lost when each other is found.

Image size:420x311mm

All Victoria Brook prints are limited editions of 150. They are printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper which is a 310 gsm heavyweight etching board. It has a smooth, fine texture and most closely resembles the original painting’s watercolour paper.