Hare and Trees Print by Victoria Brook

Hare and Trees Print by Victoria Brook

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Hare and Trees is a stylish print by Victoria Brook. A round moon makes the pale woodland glow in the depths of the night whilst the beautiful hare sits on a woodland path, weaving through the forest like a silver stream. The hare and the moon are both ancient symbols in the history of folklore. Many cultures link the two, such as Buddhists who see both as the representation of resurrection. Pagans believe the rare sighting of the ‘moon gazing hare’ would bring growth, rebirth and luck. Hares have such a magical presence that you feel one could only be witnessed in the complete fullness of the lunar cycle. This print contains all the enchantment of its subjects, as captivating and beguiling as the hare himself.

The trees reached up like silver limbs, shining in the moonlight. Their boughs curved and intertwined, knitting the night sky together. In between were the stars, captured like pearls and gleaming in the blackness. Below, only the Hare watches this tapestry of the night time unfurl.

Image size: 420x251mm

All Victoria Brook prints are limited editions of 150. They are printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper which is a 310gsm heavyweight etching board. It has a smooth, fine texture and most closely resembles the original painting’s watercolour paper.