Fox Print by Victoria Brook

Fox Print by Victoria Brook

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Fox is a stunning limited edition print by Victoria Brook. Foxes are key characters much favoured by children’s authors and featured in some of our most loved pieces of literature. From the whiley and clever Fantastic Mr Fox to the moralistic Aesop tales, these handsome creatures are celebrated. They are slight and cunning, fierce and beautiful and they inspire incredible stories and memorable images. Although their screaming calls can often be heard in urban areas and in the depths of the woods alike, the sighting of one of these animals is an enchanting experience, especially under the cathedral like reverence of the forest canopy. With the seasonal light reflecting all the atmosphere of an autumn day and your path stretching back and forward into the narrative, this image aims to capture a frozen moment between you and the Fox in the most changeable and magnificent stage set of the great forest theatre.

Slender branches lace the dimming sky as golden light-shards mottle the woodland clearing. The wind is suddenly distracted, leaving stillness behind. The noises of the forest, constant as a distant radio playing, fall suddenly silent and for one suspended moment, it’s just you and ‘The Fox’.

Image size:420x308mm

All Victoria Brook prints are limited editions of 150. They are printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper which is a 310gsm heavyweight etching board. It has a smooth, fine texture and most closely resembles the original painting’s watercolour paper.